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to start and manage a business

Bar and public catering
Pizzeria, inn, tavern, ice cream parlour, white bar, wine bar, beer garden, pub, web-cafe, wine bar, tea room, snack bar, self-service, fast food, lounge bar, all-you-can-eat, soup bar, sushi bar, ATECO 56.10.11

Foodservice is the retail business of food and beverages, including alcoholic beverages, milk, confectionery, ice cream, and gastronomy products.

Foodservice is defined as "assisted service", namely the presence of table service staff.

Food service equipment consists of both furnishings and non-disposable tableware.

The consumption of food and beverages takes place on the premises of the food service business, including using vending machines.

Neighbourhood retail shops which provide the standard furnishings in order to encourage consumption on their premises, without providing assisted service, do not qualify as food service businesses.



  1. Anti-mafia requirements of all the individuals prescribed by Article 85 of Italian Legislative Decree dated September 6 2011, number 159
  2. Moral requirements pursuant to Article 71 of Italian Legislative Decree dated March 26 2010, number 59 of all the individuals prescribed by Article 85 of Italian Legislative Decree dated September 6 2011, number 159
  3. Moral requirements of the owner, the legal representative, the T.U.L.P.S. representative, and the designated supervisors pursuant to Articles 11, 92, and 131 of Italian Royal Decree dated June 6 1931, number 773
  4. Professional requirements:
  • of the owner or the designated supervisor
  • of the legal representative or the designated supervisor

for the sale of food products, prescribed by Article 71 of Italian Legislative Decree dated March 26 2010, number 59


The designated supervisor must be appointed when the activity is not directly exercised by the owner or legal representative.

The designated supervisor may also be the T.U.L.P.S. representative, which is the individual who permanently replaces the owner or legal representative, taking his/her place in his/her name and on his/her behalf. The T.U.L.P.S. representative is a figure specified in Articles 8 and 93 of Italian Royal Decree dated June 6 1931, number 773.



Food service businesses are permitted to be established in any zoning district, in compliance with Municipal regulations.

Food service businesses must be able to be supervised, in other words, they must comply with the construction characteristics prescribed by Italian Ministerial Decree dated December 17 1992, number 564.

Public entrances or exits must allow <<direct access from the street, square, or other public place and may not be used for access to private dwellings>>.
Surveillance prevents or slows down the escape of "criminals " and supports access by the public safety authority.


The start of the activity is subject to the availability, on the part of the owner, of the premises in which the owner is planning to exercise the activity; availability also exists if the premises are the subject of construction or renovation.


Operation of the activity is subject to compliance of the premises with building, town planning, and health and hygiene regulations, as well as fire prevention and public safety regulations.

The start of the activity is subject to a certified notification of business opening (SCIA).


SCIA documentation is prescribed by SECTION I - COMMERCE AND SIMILAR ACTIVITIES - POINT 1 - ESTABLISHMENTS PROVIDING FOOD AND DRINK Activity number of table A annexed to Italian Legislative Decree dated November 25 2016, number 222.



Some Municipalities may have replaced SCIA with an authorisation request, in areas protected by Municipal Regulations. Authorisation is granted within 60 days after the request is submitted.

The extension is subject to notification

The following is recommended before filling in any information:

  • consulting the Telematic compilation guide
  • selecting the appropriate procedure from the list on the right-hand side of this tab, in order to learn about the necessary forms and annexes to be completed.

Inspections are conducted by:

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