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to start and manage a business

Fuel stations located on ordinary roads and motorways
Fuels, petrol, gasolines, gasoline, diesels, diesel, methane gas LPG, hydrogen, fuel blends, biofuels, biomethane, station, refuelling, pump, ATECO 47.30.00



Subject requirements and technical-organisational and economic capabilities pursuant to Article 71 of Italian Legislative Decree dated March 26 2010, number 59

Moral requirements pursuant to Article 85 of Italian Legislative Decree dated 6 September 2011, number 159




Ownership of the location areas

The stations may be subject to limitations set by urban planning measures.

The stations must comply with the provisions of Article 50 of Regional Law dated October 11 2012, number 19.

The start of the business is subject to a request.


The request is prescribed by SECTION I - COMMERCE AND SIMILAR ACTIVITIES - POINT 8 - FUEL DISTRIBUTORS Activity numbers 87-88 of Table A annexed to Italian Legislative Decree dated November 25 2016, number 222.



SUAP coordinates the issuing of the single authorisation together with AUA and the assessment of the project for fire prevention purposes.

Please consult the dedicated page


Authorisation is granted within 90 days after the request is submitted.

The following is recommended before filling in any information:

  • consulting the Telematic compilation guide
  • selecting the appropriate procedure from the list on the right-hand side of this tab, in order to learn about the necessary forms and annexes to be completed.

Inspections are conducted by:

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