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to start and manage a business

Commerce on stalls in market areas
District market, bazaar, ATECO 47.8

Markets are established by Municipalities in public or private areas of which they have the availability.

Market areas are made up of several stalls, even isolated ones, and are equipped or not and are destined for the operation of the business for one or several or every day of the week or month.

Markets offer the integrated supply of retail goods, the serving of food and drink, and the supply of public services.



  1. Anti-mafia requirements of all the individuals prescribed by Article 85 of Italian Legislative Decree dated September 6 2011, number 159
  2. Moral requirements pursuant to Article 71 of Italian Legislative Decree dated March 26 2010, number 59 of all the individuals prescribed by Article 85 of Italian Legislative Decree dated September 6 2011, number 159
  3. Moral requirements of the owner, the legal representative, the T.U.L.P.S. representative, and the designated supervisors pursuant to Articles 11, 92, and 131 of Italian Royal Decree dated June 6 1931, number 773
  4. Professional requirements:
  • of the owner or the designated supervisor
  • of the legal representative or the designated supervisor

for the sale of food products, prescribed by Article 71 of Italian Legislative Decree dated March 26 2010, number 59


The designated supervisor must be appointed when the activity is not directly exercised by the owner or legal representative.


Commerce in public areas can be carried out either by sole proprietorships or by duly established partnerships, corporations, or cooperatives.




Itinerant activity and the location of stalls in markets and fairs may be restricted by Municipalities in order to safeguard areas of archaeological, historical, artistic, and environmental value, as well as for reasons of public order, viability, hygiene, health, and public interest.

Municipalities are not permitted to establish limitations and prohibitions in order to create buffer zones to protect the position of operators on permanent premises or in public areas.

Commerce in public areas located within maritime State-owned areas is subject to the authorisation of the competent maritime authorities.

Without the permission of the property ownership or management entity, commerce in public areas located in airports, stations and motorways is prohibited.


The concession of the stall is subject to a request submitted pursuant to public calls for tenders. 

The operation of the business is subject to the submission of a certified report of the start of the activity (SCIA).


The request and the subsequent associated SCIA are prescribed by SECTION I - COMMERCE AND SIMILAR ACTIVITIES - POINT 2 - COMMERCE ON PUBLIC AREAS Activity numbers 2.1 and 2.3 - of table A annexed to Italian Legislative Decree dated November 25 2016, number 222.

The following is recommended before filling in any information:

  • consulting the Telematic compilation guide
  • selecting the appropriate procedure from the list on the right-hand side of this tab, in order to learn about the necessary forms and annexes to be completed.
  • Inspections are conducted by:

    • the Municipality
    • public health Authorities in the case of food sales
    • SIAE
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  • D. Lgs. 26 marzo 2010, n. 59 Attuazione della direttiva 2006/123/CE relativa ai servizi nel mercato interno
  • Regolamento comunale per l'esercizio del commercio sulle aree pubbliche
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