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Grape harvest for tourism and education
Grape harvest, vineyard, tourist, wine

The tourist and educational grape harvest is an activity which is not labour and is not remunerated and is restricted to a few hours during the day.

The activity has a cultural and recreational character and takes place in the vineyard from August to October.

The activity is aimed at wine and food tourists and is related to their stay in accommodation facilities in the region and/or to visiting and tasting the local wine cellars.

It is carried out by a limited number of wine tourists and in any case in proportion to the size of the vineyard.

The activity takes place under the supervision of the company contact person or his/her delegate.



The farm that organises the activity must:

  • possess adequately equipped premises that comply with the urban and building regulations
  • guarantee safety and restrictions of access to farm equipment by posting appropriate signs
  • possess civil liability insurance
  • provide supervision by the company contact person or his/her delegate.

The start of the sale is subject to notification.


The notification is subject to a Memorandum of Intent between the Region, the Interregional Labor Inspectorate for North-East Venice and the Friuli Venezia Giulia City of Wine, which approves specific Guidelines for the Tourist/Educational Harvest

The following is recommended before filling in any information:

  • consulting the Telematic compilation guide
  • selecting the appropriate procedure from the list on the right-hand side of this tab, in order to learn about the necessary forms and annexes to be completed.

Inspections are conducted by:

  • Labour Inspectorate
  • the public health Authority
  • Law Enforcement


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